Saturday, 29 December 2012

Happy New Years!!

So Christmas is officially over, there is chocolate, biscuits and sweets everywhere so for some reason this is the time that everyone decides their New Years resolutions. So for those of us endeavouring to lose weight we are surrounded by the things that are destined to make us fail already!

I'm not saying New Years resolutions are a bad thing! I actually really like the idea of them but usually (for me anyway) by the time valentines day comes around they're long forgotten. This year however my main resolution is not to lose weight as it has been for the past few years. I am going to try and change my eating habits yes but that won't be my main focus this year. This year there are more important things! So, I have three New Years resolutions this year and I hope to stick by them all.

1. To stop eating meat again. I was a vegetarian for the best part of the year but the only things I really missed we're chicken and fish. So I decided that this year I wouldn't deny myself fish as I eat more tuna than you can possibly imagine and I will allow myself chicken very occasionally. I mean once or twice a month and even then it will just be chicken breast/roast chicken/breaded chicken. No KFC!! Haha.

2. Sort out my finances. Sadly I had to quit my job as I have been being bullied by my supervisor, the company did nothing about it so I left. I know I could appeal or take it further but it just really is not worth the hassle I am much better at letting things go than holding grudges. So I have been left in a lot of debt from my old house, no job (even though the wage was barely enough to live on without having to pay off debts) and bills to pay on the new place. My wonderful girlfriend is helping me out with this because as a wonderfully talented girl she makes a hefty wage but its not fair and I don't want her having to support me at all let alone for a considerable amount of time so I will be spending my new year finding a good, well paid office job, I have done office work in the past and enjoyed it far more than factory work. Hopefully this will be remedied soon as I have a job interview for a very promising job next Friday. Fingers, toes, eyes and everything crossed for this one,

3. This one is perhaps a little juvenile or soppy but I want to do cute/nice things with/for Zoe. Too many times have I been in a relationship when I lost appreciation for the other person or vice versa. I love her too much to let that happen so basically my New Years resolution and probably the most important one is to put all of my love and effort into my relationship because it was the only good thing to come out of 2012 with me.

2012 has been a terrible year for my family and I. My dad lost his pops, my sister moved to Australia, although this was for her and my parents are happy for her it still broke their hearts. Then my Niece passed away of meningitis at just 6 weeks old leaving her twin sister, older brother and all my family devastated. It's been a hard year and Zoe was there through most of it holding my hand, for that I am and always will be grateful.

So here's to hoping 2013 will be much better than 2012! And full of love, laughter, life and family.

I hope you all have a very good New Years and that 2013 is a good year.

Andie xoxo

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  1. Your resolutions sounds realistic! Can't wait to hear updates on them :)

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