Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Slimming world; gotta get my head in the game!

Good morning boys and girls, I'm led on my girlfriends broken bed with a headache coming and I'm thinking, I have 5 months until my sisters wedding at the end I August, Zoe and I have both decided to wear dresses and I would love it if I could buy a dress in a size 12 for the wedding. These are my current problems.

I haven't been weighed in 2 weeks, I'm currently staying with Zoe in the ass of nowhere (I don't even get any phone service here) and there isn't a supermarket or anywhere that sells fresh fruit and veg anywhere around here. She lives in a pub so the only food here is things that get chucked in the fryer, white bread, crisps and peanuts (but I get all the post mix diet coke i want!)

Even when I try to be good here it gets even harder cause Zoe doesn't very often eat proper meals, she snacks on crisps and chocolate and crap all day and it makes me want to snack too, no where near as much as she does but it doesn't help me for sure. 

I'm here all week so I'm going to try and work with what I have. No snacking, no crisps or chocolate just meals and try and for some of the time cook healthier food in healthier ways. It's only a week and then once I'm home I'm gonna be back on plan 100% cause dads in London and me and mother can both cook slimming world friendly stuff. 

I'm thinking of this dress for the wedding!! 

Monday, 17 February 2014

Living the crazy life ...

Since my last blog post everything in life went very very strange indeed. 

My girlfriend and I went through a very rough patch in our relationship, broke up for a few months but now we are back together and better than ever. 
I have a trial day for an amazing job that I am desperate to get and I'm back living at home with my parents. It's annoying in some ways and amazing in others but finally my life has calmed down to a point where I can actually do the things I want to do instead of dealing with whatever life threw at me! 

I started a YouTube channel ages ago before I even had this blog but I deleted everything on it when Zoe and I split. (I thought we were over for good so it seemed like a good idea at the time) but I have a new one and tomorrow I am filming my very first video. The only reason I'm starting a YouTube channel is because I have a lot of thoughts in my head and it's just as easy for me to talk about them as it is for me to write about them. So that should be fun! It's going to be a mix of random, beauty, lifestyle and everything really! 

Also, I have rejoined slimming world, my mother is also a member so it's a lot easier than it ever has been unless I'm with Zoe who can eat what she wants and stays tiny then it gets slightly more difficult. I will be doing a few blog posts here and there about that too, probably when I'm struggling and really need to have a good whinge about it. 

I will definitely not leave it so long to blog again and hopefully I can organise myself better these days and make it a regular weekly thing. 

If I fail, give me a kick up the back side on twitter :) 

(Ps. I'm blonde now!)