Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Winter Kisses.

So, like 90% of people this time of year I've been struck down with the dreaded lurgy! The snotty nose and headaches I can deal with but my lips being so dry that they crack and bleed drives me insane. Not only because it looks gross but it's sore and irritating. I'm one of those infuriating people that if there's a loose piece of skin I have to pick it so you see my predicament!

Firstly, I always try and keep myself hydrated. I drink water throughout the day in work anyway to help with my abysmal weight loss but the fact that it soothes my lips for a minute is even better. I've used so many different types of lip care when I've been in this situation. Normal lip gloss which was about as useful as a chocolate tea pot. The tiny tubs of aloe Vera Vaseline which was okay but dried up very fast and needed to be reapplied every ten minutes. Right now I'm using plain old chap stick. Lemon flavoured because that's all they had and it does what it's supposed to do but there is nothing special about it.

What do you use to repair cold damaged lips?

I would love to get hold of some of the lush lip scrub to use but not until they've healed a little first.

If you have any secrets or tips you're willing to share with me, please comment and let me know :)

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